Some of you may be familiar with the story of Dr. Petit and his family who were brutally attacked in Connecticut in 2007. Dr. Petit’s wife Jennifer and daughters Michaela and Hayley were murdered in a gruesome home invasion and he was left for dead inside his burning home. Now, four years later, the trial continues and Dr. Petit is enduring as best as anybody can. In the memory of his wife and daughters, Dr. Petit has established the Petit Family Foundation to aid young women’s education, help those who suffer from chronic illnesses and protect victims of violence.

My family serves as chair of the Petit Family Foundation silent auction committee which is coordinating the inaugural An Evening Honoring Women in Science on Nov. 17th at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford. Although I spend my days writing about fashion and crap, there are more important things. So please, educate yourself about the foundation and do whatever you can to help.

For more information on Dr. Petit, read this piece in Esquire

For more information on how you can help visit the Petit Family Foundation.

Knowing people who were personally effected by this makes the cause so much more real. Support! 

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    I remembered when this happened, I thought about it for weeks afterwards. This definitely still deserves our time and...
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    Knowing people who were personally effected by this makes the cause so much more real. Support!
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